House Tour


Welcome to our house tour page! All we have of our current house are the “before” pictures…I’ll try to get some progress pictures up soon!

“The Grove” House Tour (Current home)

The Grove Exterior 2

“The Fine Line” House Tour (First home)

FLH menu photo

  3 Responses to “House Tour”

  1. Ashley,

    I’m in awe! Kudos to you for all you’re accomplishing there! While my first kiddo was napping I was napping with him. 🙂 And now there are about 8 million other things to occupy my time – though I’d RATHER be napping at naptime anyway! Truly amazing, and beautiful stuff – I think the camera is my favorite piece in your shop. 😉

    • Thanks! I’ve been working on so many projects for the past couple of months that this week I kind of crashed…lots of relaxing and napping while she was down. Now I’m itching to start something else, though! 🙂

      I’m glad you like the wooden toy camera! I have a few other wooden toys in my head that I’d like to try making. Maybe that will be my next project?

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