Nov 152013

As you saw in when I showed you our front porch, we had some weeds that were just asking to be pulled. The space directly in front of our house was in need of some love. I’m sure there were nice plants in there at one time (at least I still have that beautiful Crepe Myrtle!) but they’d been left to their own devices for years and it was showing!

Here’s a reminder picture from right after I painted the shutters and before I updated the light fixture and house numbers. See those wild plants to the right of the front door?

Retaining Wall Removal before

We live on a corner and every passerby had to look at these awful weeks overtaking our yard.

Retaining Wall Removal 2

What I thought were bushes turned out to be vines that had grown so large on this poor little retaining wall they caused it to buckle.

Retaining Wall Removal 3

Well, that can’t be blamed entirely on the vines, since I don’t think the retaining wall was built properly in the first place. I knew I’d have to deal with that space at some point this year, so when a little trimming-the-weeds-that-are-taking-over-the-front-porch turned into full scale plant removal and wall deconstruction, I wasn’t that surprised with myself. I was, however, surprised I chose the end of July for this task.

Retaining Wall Removal 4

Once I began uprooting weeds I realized that my crepe myrtle was being overtaken by vines. Half of what I thought was the plant was really an intruder (look back at the second picture to see how “full” it was before removing the vines).

Retaining Wall Removal 5

Fortunately I got all plants removed (by the root) and every retaining wall block stacked against the house in only a few hours.

Retaining Wall Removal 8

It was already looking better, but I knew it was only the beginning of my work! I’d never built a retaining wall, so that was a bit intimidating for me. Nothing an hour with google to research can’t fix, though!

Retaining Wall Removal 7

More to come…stay tuned!