Mar 122013

The bathroom is done! Hallelujah! It’s actually been done for a month or so, but we dove right into the next project and I got pretty behind on blogging about it. This is the glorious sight I see when I walk down the hall.

main floor bath reveal 4

Remember how bad it was when we got the house?

main bath 2

Let’s take a quick look at how we got from that “before” to the current state of the bathroom.

Checked off our “to do” list:

Things left to do:

  • build a drawer for the vanity
  • figure out what to do with the wall space between the mirror and shower (art? a floating shelf? leave it blank?)

Now for a view looking toward the vanity and built-in shelves. I’m not gonna lie…it wasn’t easy getting pictures of this bathroom. It’s so tiny! Functional, but small. After taking into account the tub, toilet and vanity, this bathroom only has about 3 feet by 4 feet of floor space.

main floor bath reveal 2

Oh, I still love this vanity and concrete countertop. Now that I know where the plumbing is, I just need to build that second drawer to really have it finished. I found the oil-rubbed bronze faucet on clearance at Home Depot for $40 (marked down from $160!).

main floor bath reveal 8

The light fixture, towel ring, towel bar, and toilet paper holder were all clearance items from the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart. The mirror was a clearance find at Lowes from the Allen and Roth line.

main floor bath reveal 3

Turning just a bit you can see the universal Delta brand shower kit we bought on You can also catch a glimpse of the artwork I made for the bathroom.

main floor bath reveal 6

I’ll be doing a post on that artwork, but I had fun making it. Thanks to materials I had on hand, I only spent about $4 making it!

main floor bath reveal 5

I can’t forget a shot of the beadboard ceiling we put in! I found the shower curtain at TJ Maxx and the oil-rubbed bronze metal tension rod at Walmart.

main floor bath reveal 1

Most of the time we have a bath mat to keep our toes from freezing on the tile floor. I got this dark gray diamond mat at TJ Maxx.

main floor bath reveal 10

I’m so glad to be done working on this bathroom. I’m really happy with how it turned out and it’s always exciting to learn a new skill. I now know that I love tiling!d

main floor bath reveal