Jan 092015

Hello! I’m back! My last post was at the beginning of last April, so it’s been 10 months! Yikes, what a vacation.

I haven’t been sitting on my hands during my absence. The biggest project I’ve worked on is…adding to our family!

We're eagerly anticipating the arrival of a little BOY in early December! Jules will be a great big sister!

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We found out in July that we were having a boy! Then we took took the next 4 1/2 months to decide on a name for our little boy. When this picture was taken at 39 1/2 weeks, we still weren’t 100% on his name.

39.5 weeks!

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Micah Charles arrived on December 11, five days past his due date.

Micah's birth 6

I was scheduled to be induced that morning, but thankfully labor started spontaneously the night before! After 6 hours of labor and 11 minutes of pushing, he was born at 7:31 am. This big boy was 9 lbs, 14 oz, 22.5 inches long. I had no idea he’d be so big!

Micah's birth 1

Jules loves him so much and has been super helpful with him.

Micah's birth 7

She wants to help change every diaper, pat his back to help him burp, and put in a pacifier when he’s fussy. Jules has shown so much of her caretaker nature in the past month and we’ve been very grateful at how eagerly she’s accepted “her” new baby into the family!

"Can I hold baby brother? Does he like me so much?"

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Yet again I see how attractive it is to see the man you love be captivated by his child.

Micah's birth 2

So Micah was my main project in my 10 months of silence.

Micah's birth 4

Oh, those tiny feet!

Micah's birth 3

I’m thankful to have experienced another (mostly) nausea-free pregnancy this time around, but I was so tired (especially at the beginning) that I wanted to use my energized hours working on projects instead of blogging. I still like sharing what’s happening here, though, so I’m back and ready to continue my very sporadic posting.

With such a long absence, I have a backlog of things to share (though I admit that I wasn’t very good about taking pictures so we’ll see what I’ve got to work with!). The biggest things include a new back deck, small reclaimed brick patio, partially finished basement, and a built-in dresser in our bedroom.

Micah's birth 5

I’m not sure when I’ll get back here with the details on these things, but I’ll try to do it soon! I’ve learned that I like having things documented here, partially because it helps me remember details later on, like what paint or stain I’ve used on projects.

  3 Responses to “Return to Blogging”

  1. Such a beautiful family!

  2. Congratulations! We had our daughter on the exact same day! (If I knew how to attach a picture I would) And we use your diaper clutch creation all. the. time. It is a wonderful thing to have, especially when we took her to Florida which was a 9 hour car ride and I refused to take her inside anywhere. Your baby boy is so precious! Best wishes, Amanda Proctor

    • Congratulations to you as well! You’re so brave to make a 9 hour car trip with a newborn! I’m so glad you like the diaper changing clutch…I wouldn’t feel right selling an item I didn’t believe in, but we use our own so often I can’t imagine going without it!

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