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My journey with power tools began shortly after getting married (almost four years ago already!). My story isn’t very different from many other DIYers. I wanted a solid wood nightstand, but didn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for one I liked. I stumbled upon Ana White’s website with tons of free plans and suddenly thought I would just build one myself. I built it entirely by myself and when I was finished, built a matching one for Dylan because he liked it so much.

Since that first build I’ve learned so much more about tools and building furniture than I ever thought I would. I can’t imagine going a week without making sawdust now.

A few weeks ago I dug out another plan from Ana White I’ve been dying to make. We don’t have space in our house for a mudroom, but a skinny little shoe dresser? I knew we had the perfect space and if it would help corral our shoes? Winner.

Oh, man, can’t wait to refinish those floors…just ignore the stains!

Shoe Dresser (

I modified the plans quite a bit. I made the dresser 36″ wide and 45″ tall (40″ is the dresser, the legs add 5″), though the depth is still about 8″ as in the original plan. I also added a short third “drawer” on top for small kid shoes. To complement the living room built-ins I used lattice strips to give the drawers and sides shaker panels. The shoe dresser also received a stained top (Jacobean).

Shoe Dresser 2 (

I didn’t want the legs to be plain 2x2s, so I used my miter saw to cut off a bit of an angle, then smoothed it out with my stationary belt sander to make them circular at the bottom, square at the top, with slightly rounded edges. I felt like it helped up the fancy factor a bit. Because the dresser is attached to the wall studs, I only needed two legs.

Each of the large drawers can hold 4+ pairs of shoes. I imagine in the summer when I have more flats and flip-flops out, I’ll be able to stash a lot more. For now it just has lots of athletic shoes. The small drawer could also hold four or more pairs of tiny kiddo shoes, once I can put snow boots away for the season.

Shoe Dresser 3 (

In case you’re forgetting what used to be here, we had a classic sofa table. We still like the table, but it wasn’t making the most of the space, so hopefully we can find another use for it.

Living Room Tour 17 (


Here’s the living room after the addition of the shoe dresser and the coat rack. Next up? The coat closet at the bottom of the stairs. Stay tuned!

Living Room with Shoe Dresser (

  6 Responses to “DIY Shoe Dresser”

  1. That is awesome. I am in awe of your building skills.

  2. Love this Ashley! You do such an amazing job and make it sound so easy! Great work.

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  4. Love this!!! I am totally going to show this to my mom! I know she could use something like this in the laundry room!!!

  5. Could you please send me the building plans for this shoe dresser? I would love to build one for my finace. She would love it.

    • I don’t have building plans for my specific dresser. I used Ana White’s shoe dresser plans and modified the dimensions to fit my space and add the small top “drawer.” Good luck!

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