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As I mentioned last week when I shared the current pictures of the front of our house, I’m going to go through our house, one room each week, sharing the progress we’ve made over the past year. We’ve done so much that I haven’t shown. Most spaces aren’t “done” but are still pretty different from when we bought the place. Plus this is giving me some much-needed motivation to get done with some of those projects that just stick around. You know, the ones you really don’t want to do? They don’t even usually take very long, but I just put them off.

This week I’m sharing the current state of the living room. Since I just finished the built-ins and remodeled mantel, we’ve seen a good bit of the living room lately.

Living Room Before and After

But I conveniently left things out, like the fact that even though my mom and sister helped me paint the walls gray before we moved in, we only did one coat. I told myself I’d get to that second coat soon, but now it had been over a year and there were still orange bits peeking through the gray. Thanks to my self-imposed deadline, I actually finished that second coat this week! And you know, it really didn’t take very long, but Dylan even noticed the difference when he got home that day.

So here it is, our “in progress” living room.

Living Room Tour (NaptimeDIY.com)

A couple of weeks ago Dylan removed the rest of the carpet (except the stairs, which we’ll take off eventually…with Jules up and down them it gives her some padding should she fall). We were hoping the hardwood would be in good condition. Unfortunately there are some really badly stained areas, most likely due to the previous owners’ pets. Pretty much the main walking area from the front door back the hallway, but there are other random spots with staining. We had to deal with stained hardwood in our first house, so at least we know what to do to try and salvage it. Until it’s nice enough outside to have windows open we’ll put off refinishing the floors.

Living Room Tour 2 (NaptimeDIY.com)

The teal blanket on the back of the couch is actually a baby afghan I crocheted for Jules before she was born, but the color looks so great out here it’s been in the living room for a while. I reupholstered the ottoman last fall and added tufting…I’ll get more into that in a future post.

Living Room Tour 3 (NaptimeDIY.com)

If only Jules’ toys were always put away so neatly!

Living Room Tour 4 (NaptimeDIY.com)

I’ve been in the mood to do artsy things lately (I’m no artist, so it’s been interesting). More to come on these attempts soon.

Living Room Tour 5 (NaptimeDIY.com)

Living Room Tour 16 (NaptimeDIY.com)
Living Room Tour 11 (NaptimeDIY.com)

I’ve finished the right-side built-in. It’s only 18 inches wide (as opposed to the 34 inches on the left side) because we have eventual plans to take down the load-bearing living room/kitchen wall, so there will be a supportive post right next to the built-in.

Living Room Tour 1 (NaptimeDIY.com)

These shelves aren’t as wide as the left side so I only put in three shelves and gave them each more vertical room to breath so it wouldn’t feel cramped. Honestly, I love building stuff, but styling is NOT my forte, so this was the best I could do. Maybe I should bribe a talented friend to come over to help (Amy, I’m looking at you!).

Living Room Tour 8 (NaptimeDIY.com)

Since I only have one door needing hardware at this point (maybe down the line I’ll make two to cover the toy area, but right now I just think they’d get too much abuse) I dug into my clearance stash and came up with this acrylic/oil-rubbed-bronze beauty.

Living Room Tour 10 (NaptimeDIY.com)

I put some removable shelves in to help keep things more organized in the electronics portion of the built-ins. Yes, that is a VCR. You’d have to pry my old VHS tapes out of my fingers. Not giving them up. The VHS tapes are currently in the herringbone storage box and most of our DVDs are kept in our faux-book storage box, but in the basket on the bottom are my workout DVDs, Dylan’s video games, and DVDs we’ve borrowed that we need to return to their owner.

Living Room Tour 9 (NaptimeDIY.com)

Turning around, you see the wall that has an expiration date (though unknown at this time). We think opening up the kitchen to the living room will help keep things open and bright around here. A couple of months ago I got tired of staring at a blank wall, though, and put up a gallery wall for the time being.

Living Room Tour 12 (NaptimeDIY.com)

Last week I finally ordered some new prints, since many of the frames were oriented differently than last time I used them, so the pictures were sideways. I love this cell-phone picture of Jules being a Nashville diva. She isn’t often dressed so cutely (my bad) and the lighting was great.

Living Room Tour 13 (NaptimeDIY.com)

Living Room Tour 14 (NaptimeDIY.com)

I still need to figure out what to do with the blank canvas, but until inspiration strikes it remains bare. When I was feeling artsy last week I sketched a silhouette of an elephant and pulled out our watercolors. I didn’t have real watercolor paper so I just used a piece of white foam core. Good enough for me.

Living Room Tour 15 (NaptimeDIY.com)

Living Room Tour 17 (NaptimeDIY.com)

My to do list for this room is pretty short, but here it is:

  • add coatrack (built, read about it here)
  • update wingback (check it out here)
  • build shoe dresser (done, read about it here)
  • refinish hardwood flooring
  • install shoe molding
  • paint front door (definitely inside, maybe outside as well)
  • lighting (either three can lights over the couch or a sconce on each side of the bay window nook)
  • build doors for base of left built-in

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  12 Responses to “State of the House: Living Room”

  1. Wow, it looks great! You are such a talented builder!

  2. I love styling! Next time you host girls night, we’ll play around with it!

  3. Amazing! We need to come see you! This is all so beautiful! Hugs!

  4. This mantle area looks like it was made by a professional woodworker. I want to try something like this in my house. So jealous!

    • Thank you! It took a lot of work, but it has totally changed the feel in our house. Totally worth it! Don’t be afraid to give it a try!

  5. Beautiful!! Would not even believe it the same livingroom! Interested in the ottoman as I have something similar that I am wanting to recover but I just keep staring at it, im kinda afraid of what I might be getting myself into.

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  9. I need built-ins on each side of my bed. Yours are amazing! How do I start? Very envious!! Pat

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