Jan 312014

Hello, everyone! Sooooo, a couple of nights ago I spilled water on my MacBook. Boooo. It has been in rice, but I kind of feel like it’s just an expensive paperweight. I’m hoping and praying that more drying time will do the trick. At the very least I hope I can get everything off my hard drive…it’s been a very long time since I backed up my computer. So pretty much I’ve made every amateur computer mistake.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll still be able to post until I get things figured out, but while I’m typing on an ipad I’ll certainly not be very wordy.

The past week I’ve been working on improving my project gallery. Thankfully I got most of it done before my computer incident, so I finally finished setting it up! So check out the “Project Gallery” tab at the top and if a link is broken, please let me know. After looking at stuff a while my eyes started to cross so I published it.

I’m hoping my computer is miraculously restored to its previously working state so I can get back to things next week!

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