Jul 292013

When I made our living room built-ins, then realized the bottom portion (which eventually will have doors) was better suited for toy storage than our videos, I knew I needed to be creative about how I store videos on the open shelves so as to keep our living room classy (ha). I already showed you the herringbone shim storage box I made, which houses almost all of our VHS tapes (all but the huge Disney kids movies). I still needed something for our DVDs, which is what I’m sharing today. I gave you a sneak peak when I showed you my herringbone storage box, actually. Does this reminder help?

book storage box 0

I present, an upcycled book storage box!

book storage box 2

This project was completely inspired by a pin that caught my eye so long ago on pinterest.

Here’s my take on the project. First I cut down a sturdy cardboard box to the right height (in retrospect I wish I would have built a wooden box so it would last longer, but this box should last awhile since it doesn’t get heavy use).

Next I searched for used books with nice spines at our local Goodwill. I ended up paying about $.50 per book. I don’t love all of the spines, but I wasn’t in the mood to wait to make this any longer! I can always switch them out later.

For each book, open the cover and use a utility (or exacto) knife to cut a slit between the spine and the pages. For most books, that was all it took to get the spine free. For a few I had to carefully pull because the spine was glued to the pages. Next I cut off the front and back covers of each book (except for the books that would be on each end).

Lastly I used some cut up pieces of discarded book covers to act as a shim of sorts, between the spines and boxes. Here’s a shot of a couple of spines I didn’t end up using so you can see what I mean.

book storage box 5

Make sense? Once I did that for each book, all I had left was to hot glue my ready-to-go book spines onto the box.

book storage box 1

I don’t think you’d ever know it was there if I didn’t tell you.

book storage box 4

Load the faux-books with some DVDs I want to disguise and I’m finished.

book storage box 3

Linking to House of Hepworths and Remodelaholic.

  6 Responses to “Upcycled Book Storage Box”

  1. NICE!!! Clever! Great job!!! 🙂

  2. I have wanted to do this for years. love it! genius, right?

  3. That is SO ingenius! Pinning!

  4. OMGosh…this is SO clever! You totally cannot tell they aren’t real books up there! I’ll be pinning…thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Very Cool idea!!! You could use those to hid money in too – a book would certainly be the last place a thief might think to look!

    Samantha D
    The Kitchen is My Dance Floor

  6. […] up. The VHS tapes are currently in the herringbone storage box and most of our DVDs are kept in our faux-book storage box, but in the basket on the bottom are my workout DVDs, Dylan’s video games, and DVDs […]

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