Dec 102012

In the midst of this busy time of year, it’d be really easy to reuse my winter wreath from last year. I actually really like it still! The only problem is that it is red, and so is our new front door. Guess all I could do is make a new one, right?

winter wreath 1

I love yarn-wrapped wreaths. They’re clean and stylish. Doesn’t hurt that they don’t break the bank to make!

winter wreath 6

This year I spent $6 total on the wreath: $2 for a straw wreath form, $3 for white yarn, and $1 for gold berries, all from Hobby Lobby. Other than that I used some purple and green felt that I already owned, and a scrap of green ribbon to hang it at the right height on the door.

Making it was a pretty simple process. Wrap the wreath in yarn. Make some felt flowers (I didn’t follow a tutorial, but hereare some if you want to check them out). Cut out some leaves out of felt. (I went the extra inch and used some thread to stitch veins on them, which adds a nice touch, I think.) Hot glue everything together. Done!

winter wreath 5

I really love how this wreath turned out. While I love Christmas, I wanted to make a wreath that I could leave up all winter without just looking like I forgot to take down Christmas decorations.

winter wreath 2

Just one more pretty picture of my wreath, okay?

winter wreath 3

Okay, fine, one more. This is the last one, I promise.

winter wreath 4

Linking up with the “Dare to DIY” party @ NewlyWoodwardsDecor and the DogMaybe Matilda, and Two Twenty One.

  10 Responses to “Winter Wreath”

  1. This is lovely! I also love the colors, which will easily take you into the new year. Also, I’m sort of obsessed with your flowers. They are very unique. And the stitching on the leaves.

    Awesome work! Thanks for linking up to Dare to DIY!

  2. Oh, so beautiful! I love the non-traditional colors, and the berries and flowers look so perky and pretty. And this will be so pretty all through the winter, not just at Christmas. You did a gorgeous job! Love it!

  3. What a beautiful wreath! I love the gold and royal blue together. Such a nice job!

  4. Great wreath. It really goes well with that door.

  5. Love, love , love!! How in the world did you make those flowers????

    • Thank you! I haven’t done a tutorial on those flowers myself, but here’s a site with an easy to follow tutorial. They’re probably one of the easier felt flowers to make, so have fun!

  6. Love your wreath! It inspired me to make two similar wreaths!

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